Are you fed up spending $xxx a month for “real outreach” links that are put on websites that nobody visits?

We secure real outreach links that are placed on websites with organic traffic, regular subscribers and social shares.

What We Offer?

Happy Clients Are Our Product

We take full responsibility for the following statements. They are not there just for the sake of filling the website with cool logos.

Authentic Outreach

100% Real blogger outreach as we specifically outreach sites within your niche

Lasting Results

Our outreach campaign is designed to bring links that provide long-lasting results

Niche-Relevant Backlinks

We do not aim for all type of links. We specifically create links to sites that are relevant

Focused Refferal Traffic

You can expect a few sales just from the referral traffic as the audience is completely relevant

No Networks

We specifically check for site metrics such as organic traffic and backlink profile, just to avoid blog networks

Powerful IN Content Links

All links are published in the content and where they actually make sense

Infuencer Marketing

These outreach links not only will skyrocket your rankings but will also increase your authority

No Lists

We do not reach out to sites that accept only guest posts without any merit to their audience

No NetworksReal Sites

Most of the outreach services out there have just restored Blant PBNs into real sites. They do not any create value to your website, nor to authority or rankings.

No Lists (Link Farms)

Our Blogger Outreach Service is not based on any list

What do we mean by this, is that we specifically outreach sites that are tailored to that niche. Most of the other outreach agencies just use a list of bloggers that accept guest posts but without adding any value to their audience (if they have any). Simply they are used only as guest post farms.

Influencer Blogger Outreach

We secure links to our clients via real influencers 

Most of our people in our team come from blogging backgrounds. Over the years we have created long-lasting relationships with influencer in most of the niches. Getting a link for influencers is not that kinda big deal since they have in-built relations with other sites

Guaranteed Placements

Our blogger outreach service secures long lasting results

We do not place links on sites that can get de-indexed in any algorithm update, deleted in the 3-6 months (Blog Networks). All our link placements are done on websites with real bloggers behind them. This gives you the opportunity to create relations with them on your own and on-going link placements.

“My entire team was prototyping by the end of the first day!

Had a great experience with this company. Provided an excellent service and kept an open dialogue during the entire process of the purchase. Will definitely be a long-term client.
Sean Taylor, KetoHQ

Always know what you’ll pay.

PER Campaign
5 Secured Placements on Top Websites Of Your Niche
PER Campaign
10 Secured Placements on Top Websites Of Your Niche
PER Campaign
+10 Secured Placements on Top Websites Of Your Niche


Frequently Asked Question

If you didn’t find your answer here, do not hesitate to contact us about our blogger outreach service.

Do You Accept All Sites?

No actually we are super selective who we work with. We turn down around 30% of applicants just because we can’t secure links to them because of their thin sites

What Are Your Guarantees?

We either secure links on real sites (you hear that often though) with merits or we totally refund the client rather than securing links in thin sites

Where are the links placed?

Unlike other blogger outreach services that usually put the link at the bottom of the article which gives a red flag to Google as a paid link. We get you a real link mention naturally within the flow of the content.

How Long Does It Take?

We usually run our campaign (securing 10 links) for over a month. If we were not able to secure all links to the client, we either refund him or cotinue with link acquiring

What Anchor Texts Should I use?

When we receive our orders, we consult with the client if he is good to go in removing any anchor text that is very promotional. We are talking about sites with people who actually read their posts!

What Domain Authority are the blogs?

Even though we want to avoid metrics with all our efforts because we aim to create long lasting resuts and create brand awarness, we secure links on sites with a minimun DA of 20.

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