Free Mass Page Creator – Worth of 1000$

Mass Page Creator is a plugin that helps webmasters to create thousands of pages with one click.

They are mostly used in Local Sites when you want to rank for multiple locations.

Since this is not a sales pitch I don’t have a reason why to explain all the benefits it can offer.

Though most of the people made to this page already know for what is used.

Down below you have a video From Diggy where he explains in details how to use this plugin

This mass page creator was a giveaway to one of Diggy’s Webinars.

I made some Google Searches about it and saw that there are actually people selling them for high sums, then I thought why not give it for free?

No Optin Form, Just a Download Link

Virus Total for the paranoid guys out there.

Mass Page Creator – A Look Inside

mass page creator

mass page creator links

5 thoughts on “Free Mass Page Creator – Worth of 1000$

  1. Hello Melos,
    Nice Article for about mass page creation for free, really good information. keep up the good work im following you

    1. Hey Joy,

      Yeah, actually I was able to take some big cities and all their suburbs with this plugin. Even though it doesn’t work all the time, it’s worth testing at least.

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